Fabulous Friday, the Future, and Funding!

Or, what to expect for the remainder of 2017

PALS is excited to announce that we've officially been approved as a 501c3 organization! That means that your 2017 gifts to PALS are tax-deductible! Check out our fundraiser at YouCaring. To date, we've raised 20% of our 2017 goal-a pretty great start!

You might wonder what giving to PALS can accomplish. Here's a handy breakdown of what even the smallest gift can accomplish toward our current projects!

$ 5        Learning Notebook Printables

Post Adoption Learning Services has developed a tool to keep children's education data and records organized and easy to track--the Learning Notebook! We'll begin loading printables from the Learning Notebook next week, as free .pdf files. However, when PALS attends conferences, such as CAFO Summit, COPAA--even when we're innocent bystanders at Empowered to Connect or Angels in Adoption!--questions about the unique learning needs of adoptees always come up, and it helps to have a hard copy of our Learning Notebook to share. Just $5 prints a set of organizers with tabbed dividers that are easily customized to fit unique learning profiles!

$10        Our Book-"A Field Guide to Learning"

Our book came out just in time for the May 2017 CAFO Summit in Nashville! Social workers sought copies even more than parents. PALS learned that social workers face many questions about education from parents post-placement, regardless of a child's adoption status as "special needs" or "healthy." Our "Field Guide" includes data on at-risk learners, federal laws guiding education, disability rights, school options, and more. A gift of $10 covers publishing and printing costs for one copy of our "Field Guide". The goal of PALS is to make these books available to families, social workers, and special education advocates at no cost, so that we can make learning accessible for more children!

$50       Speaking Engagements

PALS is a frequent participant in events focused on special education, disability rights, and trauma-informed care. In September, Executive Director Anna Caudill addressed Angels in Adoption honorees in Washington, DC. In October, she was invited to speak at Belmont University. This month, she'll speak on a panel of special education parents, advocates, and teachers at the Vanderbilt University Kennedy Center's Volunteer Advocacy Project. Each of these engagements brings PALS the opportunity to raise awareness of the unique learning needs of children adopted internationally and to make available our resources! A tax-deductible contribution of $50 underwrites the costs of transportation, participation, materials, and outreach for engagements like these, which in turn boost PALS' ability to support more learners!

$1,000    White paper - Learning & International Adoptees

In December, PALS will begin work on a white paper that will be presented at the 2018 COPAA Conference (details below). In addition to crafting this document with editorial input from COPAA, PALS will publish, print, and ship copies for distribution at the Conference and later events, including engagement with local and federal legislators and agencies. A one-time gift of $1,000 will defray expenses of publishing and printing this white paper!

$1,500     Presenting at COPAA 2018

PALS Executive Director Anna Caudill and Board Member, Attorney Cheryl Cheffins, have been chosen to deliver a presentation and white paper on the unique learning needs of children adopted internationally during the 20th anniversary conference for the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates. COPAA has collaborated with multiple education organizations and leaders to provide meaningful data and recommendations for federal education legislation. COPAA provided input on the Every Student Succeeds Act as well as regulations from the Department of Education and amicus briefs for a number of Supreme Court and Federal Circuit Court cases involving special education. PALS is honored to receive this opportunity, especially as a relatively young organization! Presenters' travel, lodging, and expenses are not underwritten by COPAA--your tax-deductible gift of $1,500 will defray these expenses for one presenter!

To sum, there are many ways to support the work of PALS and to make our resources available to more adoptive families! If you'd like to earmark a gift via YouCaring for a specific purpose, please make sure to note your preference in the space provided for a message. If you'd like to request a copy of our "Field Guide to Learning" or Learning Notebook resources, note that as well, or sign up for our email list and ask for your copy today! 

Post Adoption Learning Services is off to a great start--please consider how you'd like to help us provide support for children adopted internationally as we wrap up our first full year!            



Anna Caudill