Resources for Parents

Below are links to other pages where parents of children adopted internationally can find information about what to expect when adopting internationally, unique learning needs, and the services offered by public schools. PALS is not responsible for content on these sites, nor is a link to a site meant as an endorsement for any one method or product.  


Center for Cognitive and Developmental Assessment and Remediation

New York-based psychologist Dr. Boris Gindis has devoted his career to working with children adopted internationally, understanding their unique learning needs, and conducting research. His site provides a wealth of information, including how to prepare for learning needs before adoption, assessments, and transition planning. He also offers phone consultations and in-office visits. 


Empowered to Connect

Begun by developmental psychologist Dr. Karyn Purvis, ETC provides hope for parents of children from backgrounds of trauma, abuse, and neglect, building on her landmark book, "The Connected Child." Here, you'll find books, curricula for group studies, videos, and information about ETC conferences, all designed to empower parents to connect and attach to their fostered and adopted children. Their featured video series, "10 Questions Adoptive Parents Ask," is outstanding.



Wrightslaw was created by attorney Pete Wright and his wife, psychologist Pam Wright, to provide reliable information about special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities. The site is constantly updated and offers a newsletter, books, and information about Pete's training workshops for parents, attorneys, advocates, and educators.